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0 minutes & 49 seconds read · May 1, 2018

Liron Barak, our CEO, talks cyber security and BitDam at vpnMentor

This week, Liron Barak, BitDam’s CEO was featured on vpnMentor, the leading source for web privacy advice.

vpnMentor is a web portal that centralizes VPN reviews by real users. They rank 300 VPN software using reviews written by real users and are not influenced by VPN companies. They also provide different web tools like Web Proxy, Chinese Firewall Test and IP Leak test for VPNs and Tor browser. In their blog they write about products and services as well rising new technologies in the fields of web privacy and internet security.


Ditsa Keren, vpnMentor’s chief editor, has interviewed Liron last week to hear more about the dangers that cyber crime poses, the future of cyber crime, and how BitDam’s product and technology solve that. Keren is a web developer and technology enthusiast. She is also the co-founder and VP of marketing at Spirulina.Network, A leading Spirulina supplier.

Read more about how to secure your important files right at the source at vpnMentor.

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