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Liron Barak
Liron Barak
1 minute & 54 seconds read · August 23, 2018

BitDam Eliminates the Collaboration Content-Security Tradeoff

Content sharing is everywhere.

The number of collaboration channels that we use to share files and links keeps growing…Starting with email services such as Gmail and Microsoft O365, through web drives like Box, Dropbox and Google Drive and up to instant communication channels including Zoom, Skype and Slack. There is no doubt that content sharing is everywhere and we use it more than ever. However, when embedded within communications that look innocent, the same files and links are also the main entry point for targeted and advanced attacks.

Collaboration channels as an entry point for attackers

Up to 90% of cyber threats handled by IT and security teams in the the past 12 months, entered organisations as email attachments, links, or via web-based drives. In addition, content-borne attacks are increasing in both volume and severity. Data breaches are doubling annually. Moreover, email spam grows by 100% every month, with over 80% of these communications containing ransomware.

Attackers also become more sophisticated. Ever changing malware with ‘moving parts’, ‘barely-there’ sleep mode strategies while scanning, among other evasion techniques, all aim to bypass security solutions in order to attack organisations. In addition, today’s attacks are identified in the wild for under 24 hours only. This makes existing security approaches – that react to known attacks – untenable when attempting to prevent ever evolving content borne cyber attacks.

A new approach to content security

BitDam proactive content security service makes it possible to immediately detect and block both known and unknown attacks in links and file attachments. The result? eliminating the collaboration and security tradeoff.

BitDam couples deep application learning with alien application code flow detection. Based on that, it stops illegal attack code hidden in links and documents from being run by enterprise applications. BitDam proactive cybersecurity delivers the highest detection rates of advanced attacks launched from within the communication stream. No need for ongoing security updates or patches. By nature, BitDam protects applications forever. Our content-security approach is capable of meeting today’s content-borne cyber threats, preventing the full range of logical exploits, hardware vulnerabilities, macro-based attacks, ransomware, malware, APTs, spear phishing, one day, and zero day attacks.

By preventing advanced content-borne threats across all enterprise communication channels, BitDam empowers organisations to collaborate safely. To lean more, contact us or try it on your own.

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