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Liron Barak
Liron Barak
1 minute & 31 seconds read · August 23, 2018

Does Your Cyber-security Measure Up?

CISOs today find it difficult to gage how well the organisation is protected against attack. Enterprise security typically comprises multiple dedicated solutions, spanning across different security needs, technologies and organisational teams. One of the key challenges in achieving an integrated security assessment, is gaining an understanding of existing security gaps and what is needed to close them.

Security statistics can help illustrate some of the hurdles facing CISOs in assaying security readiness.  Organisations are reportedly receiving 1 malicious file for every 300K emails delivered. Over the past year, BitDam has encountered a ratio of 1 malicious file for every 5K-50K emails. This ratio changes between vertical markets, and depends on whether the organisation utilizes a SPAM filter responsible for eliminating most of the trivial attacks or not.

This gap between the different email attack vulnerabilities illustrates the difficulty of measuring up cybersecurity in an organisation.  Security penetration tests may be helpful in determining the effectiveness of your combined security tools, to identify strengths and weaknesses. We’ve created a simple penetration test available online to give you a sense of  your current level of security. The BitDam Email GW security penetration test lets you assay your existing security tools’ ability to detect and prevent advanced content-borne cyber attacks. And all that is done in 3 simple steps.

The BitDam PenTest

Upon providing a testing email address, BitDam will send a controlled penetration test that includes a series of advanced cyber attacks. These attacks are embedded in files that are sent to your designated account. Attack emails that are delivered to your test inbox indicate a failure point in your cyber-security. The BitDam PenTest report provides test result details that will give you insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your content security readiness across your communication channels.

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