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Maor hizkiev
Maor hizkiev
1 minute & 24 seconds read · August 23, 2018

Leveraging Your Application’s Own Code to Protect Against Attack.

Every content-borne cyber attack starts when malicious code, embedded in files and links, is being launched by applications and executed on the machine.

Most content security solutions focus on identifying the structure or behaviour of attacks. Thus, these security approaches are limited in their ability to detect unknown threats or overcome sophisticated evasion techniques, which leaves organizations vulnerable to today’s advanced content-borne cyber attacks.

BitDam proactive security delivers a new paradigm in content-security. Focusing on the standard applications that open malicious files and links, BitDam is the only solution in the market that prevents attacks from running alien code. This way it protects against any exploit, any ransome threat, and any known or unknown vulnerability.

Standard business applications such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), Adobe PDF, and Internet Browsers are based on quality assured code. Code that was developed and supported by known software vendors. BitDam’s technology is based on that assumption. The company’s deep application learning and alien code detection ensure that only valid code is executed when opening files and links on our machines.  If an attempt to run alien code is detected, BitDam immediately recognizes it as an attack and blocks it.

BitDam automatically learns the legitimate behaviour of any application. It continuously maps CPU-level code paths to detect any deviation from them. Since it benchmarks code flows launched by files and links with authorised application code flow, BitDam’s content security is unaffected by changes in attack techniques.

Performed in the BitDam Cloud,  our unique security approach makes it possible to forever protect applications and prevent any content-borne attacks before they are delivered. This approach ensures that all files and links are safe to click.

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