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Maor hizkiev
Maor hizkiev
1 minute & 4 seconds read · August 23, 2018

Make Cloud Hosted Office 365 Immune to Content-Borne Attacks.

Office 365 has become one of the most popular cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products for businesses.

Organisations of all sizes, verticals and regions are migrating their on-premise exchange Email servers to the cloud-based Office 365 (O365). They do so to gain the benefits of scalability, cost reduction, and to eliminate data loss while reducing ongoing updates and service overhead. When migrating to the cloud, organisations need to replace existing on premise security tools with cloud-based security services. These cloud-based services need to be fully integrated with 0365 while minimising friction within the organisation.

BitDam is a cloud-based content cyber security service that protects email from advanced content-borne attacks. It provides organisations that use O365 with advanced detection and prevention of malicious attachments. The solution is fully integrated with O365 as well as other cloud-based providers. BitDam’s cloud-based content security service employs O365 APIs to protect the organisation’s email – and secure email gateways against attacks embedded in URL’s and files.

BitDam’s solution seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure. Its on-boarding is easy, requiring no changes to security infrastructure policies, or processes. It is typically deployed in a non-intrusive mode. During our POC, acquiring a copy of organizational traffic is usually completed in under 5 minutes and protection of all email traffic commences immediately.

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