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Rotem Shemesh
Rotem Shemesh
4 minutes & 16 seconds read · December 20, 2018

Lead Data’s President in an interview on BitDam

With Lead Data as a trusted partner, we wanted to hear from Ron Redmond, Lead Data’s President, about their activities, how they tried BitDam using the company’s PenTest and why they decided to offer the solution to their customers.

Ron, please give me some background about Lead Data.

Ron: We’ve started Lead Data 18 years ago, and back then focused on CheckPoint‘s products and services, bringing it to organizations in the tri-state area. Since then, we’ve evolved and work with other partners including Microsoft, Cisco, RSA, f5, Terranova, Barracuda, and since recently, also BitDam. We were always focused on security. Today, we serve more than 700 organizations in our geographical area, with most of them having multiple locations and a thin IT staff. They look at Lead Data’s team as trusted members of their own IT team.

How did you come across BitDam in the first place and what caught your attention?

Ron: I was introduced to BitDam by a friend almost a year ago. It sounds interesting especially since the founders know closely how attackers tend to work. So I spent some time with the founders and got an understanding of what the uniqueness of the technology. I loved the fact that BitDam brings a whole new approach to a known problem that exists many years, and which no one has really solved so far. That drew me to start working with BitDam.

I was intrigued by this different approach and wanted to check if I would see a difference, if it would catch things that normal Anti-Virus couldn’t catch. And here I’m talking mainly about zero-day malware. I wanted to see what impact this new approach would have on the bottom line, the actual results.

So I guess you wanted to test it before you decided to offer it to your customers.

Ron: Absolutely. We did a POC test with BitDam against our existing security controls – a combination of a leading sandbox solution and a leading email security product, both from well recognized players in this market.

Ok, and what did the results look like?

What were the results? The email solution didn’t get a single piece of the malicious files that were introduced and which BitDam caught. The sandboxing solution detected only 40% of it.

We’ve done two tests – the automated test provided online by BitDam, and a very extensive test with the BitDam team. We’ve done both tests multiple times with many different customers. BitDam always detected much more than the other solutions.

Any additional tools that you used as part of your assessment of the BitDam solution?

Ron: Well, we also used BitDam Total to scan files for malware leveraging the BitDam engine. One of Lead Data cyber security experts used this free service and found the portal very helpful. He actually used it to test files in many cases. The interesting thing about it is that it caught zero-day malware in many of these checks. And these were malicious files that our existing security suite missed. That was really impressive!

Ok. So you were impressed by the technology and the capabilities. Why do you think that others should use it?

Ron: For the obvious reason that it catches zero-day malware that most other products, including leading ones, do not catch. This is organizations’ main concern when it comes to email security. You see, there are many security solutions out there, and they catch malware. But the real risk is in zero-day attacks which can lead to massive losses. Everyone is looking for this ‘magic’ that would protect from zero-day malware, and here it is. This is not in theory, I saw it in my environment scanning Lead Data email traffic as well as with our customers. Within a few weeks of operations BitDam detected zero-day attacks that other solutions (again, leading ones) didn’t.

Which organization do you think should adopt this?

Ron: I think that BitDam’s technology could help companies of all sizes. The larger the organization the more value BitDam would add.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for your customers?

Ron: As a first step, I strongly suggest to try the BitDam PenTest which is available on their web site. It is a very simple straightforward to test your current mail security solution. Based on the results, me and my team are happy to set a full BitDam PenTest which is more comprehensive. The results of the full PenTest will show you the value that BitDam will bring on top of your existing mail security solution. And last but not least, I’d like to invite you to our BitDam webinar taking place on 29 January, 2019. 

Anything else that you would like to share from your experience with BitDam?

Ron: We used it ourselves. It has caught any pieces of malware for us although we are much smaller than other companies we work for. We actually caught several pieces of zero-day attacks that were sent to us by our customers.

Also, I must share that my experience working with BitDam has been wonderful. As a partner, their team is always available for me to help work with customers and prospects.

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