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Introducing BitDam Advanced Threat Protection for Cloud Storage
Rotem Shemesh
Rotem Shemesh
1 minute & 30 seconds read · February 7, 2019

Introducing BitDam Advanced Threat Protection for Cloud Storage

Keep combating content-borne cyber attacks

As you probably know, BitDam Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Email protects hundreds of thousands of mailboxes, scanning millions of emails for malicious files and links. That’s awesome – we love protecting our customers, we detect malicious emails all the time, and prevent them from reaching end users. It really is cool. But this is not enough.

Email protection is important, but what about other channels?

All of us use additional collaboration channels every day. We upload, download and share files over cloud storage. You may be using Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Dropbox, Box or any other cloud collaboration platform, but you definitely use at least of those as part of your day-to-day work practice. And guess what? Attackers know that. They also know that these channels are much less protected than corporate email. And guess what? They’re going to take advantage of it!

BitDam 3.0 to the rescue

This is exactly why we decided to expand our solution to help protect important cloud content collaboration channels such as MS OneDrive, Sharepoint, G-Drive, Dropbox and Box. As a leader in content-borne attacks, we understand that there are multiple channels allowing content to reach end-users. A key channel is cloud drives. BitDam 3.0 which is now available for our customers covers cloud storage in addition to email, scanning every file and link that is uploaded to the drive in order to ensure that end-users can access legit files only.

To give you a glimpse of what I’m talking about, here is a screenshot of our (brand new) dashboard that helps SOC teams view, manage, analyze and investigate malicious files in order to take immediate action once an attack takes place. 


Want to learn more about BitDam 3.0? Contact us to see a demo, or read the full press release announcing BitDam 3.0 here.

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