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Rakesh Narasimhan Joins BitDam to head its North American Operations
Rotem Shemesh
Rotem Shemesh
1 minute & 30 seconds read · July 1, 2019

Rakesh Narasimhan Joins BitDam to head its North American Operations

We’re excited to announce that Rakesh Narasimhan has joined BitDam to expand the business presence of BitDam in North America and drive its growth.

Rakesh brings more than 25 years of executive experience in high-growth technology industries, building, operating, and scaling multiple USD Billion businesses. His vast experience includes a range of senior executive roles at Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation and Citrix Systems. Most recently, Rakesh has been scaling businesses at startups in the Software and Space sectors.

From our CEO and Co-founder, Liron Barak:

“We are excited to have Rakesh join us during this critical stage of growth for BitDam. We see an increasing need in customers seeking advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect their communication and collaboration platforms such as email, cloud storage and messaging systems. Rakesh’s vast experience in delivering customer value will come in handy as we help enterprises protect themselves from content-borne threats and hence scale business growth for BitDam.

From Rakesh:

“In an increasingly connected world, organizations show no signs of slowing down their adoption of communication and collaboration solutions at work. Unfortunately, the bad guys are also increasing their attacks with sophistication, magnitude and evasiveness. Despite the heavy investment in top-notch cybersecurity solutions till date, organizations are NO better at meeting the serious challenges of protecting themselves from new, unknown cyber threats. A new approach is necessary to address the detection of and protection from content-borne malware. One that is unconventional in its technological approach to address forward-looking threats, rather than backward-looking security posture. BitDam, at its core, is about implementing this unconventional approach, and one that I believe will impact the cyber landscape in a big way. That is what convinced me to get involved with BitDam”.

Indeed, exciting times here at BitDam. Stay tuned for more updates.

You may follow Rakesh on Twitter: @rakeshnarasimha

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