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Rotem Shemesh
Rotem Shemesh
1 minute & 37 seconds read · July 23, 2019

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Just when you thought your endpoints and data were safe, along comes a repeat performance of last year’s exploit.

Everybody understands that talented hackers will continue to create innovative malware that will attempt to exploit new vulnerabilities in our operating systems and third-party software. That’s a given. But isn’t it just a little bit mindboggling to think that well-known attacks from years ago, already included in all the leading threat intelligence and AVs, are still actively piercing our cyber defense armor and pilfering our data?

How is that even possible?

BitDam’s latest research explains the economics behind new types of hacker attacks and shows why yesteryear’s major malware hits continue to plague us. In our latest whitepaper, Still Vulnerable After All These Years, you will learn why hackers often prefer to tweak old and proven attack methods again and again rather than invent new techniques.

In Still Vulnerable, we will show you how observant hackers find the tiniest cracks in the security wall of the most tried and tested software. Even if you QA it a thousand times, hackers can still find a way in.

Which software packages are the most attractive hacker magnets? You might be surprised at what we have discovered.

Is there any connection between the number of attacks and actual data breaches? We present you with the numbers and trends over the last decade. The correlation is critical, and we do the math for you.

Did you ever wonder how attacks are identified, catalogued and distributed globally via public threat intelligence? Here is an opportunity to obtain an easy-to-understand background on the CVE system, how it is used and how it helps you.

But that’s not all.

What is the ultimate defense against recurring attacks against your standard Microsoft, Adobe and other packages? We have the answer and you can have it, too.

Download Still Vulnerable After All These Years to find out how to stop the hits that keep on coming.

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