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Rotem Shemesh
Rotem Shemesh
3 minutes & 3 seconds read · June 28, 2020

BitDam Launches Its DIY Guide To Assess Email Vulnerability

Understanding your vulnerabilities when it comes to email security is critical in order to ensure that you’re protected against ransomware, phishing, and other email-borne threats. These threats are getting more sophisticated, and many are able to evade mainstream email security products. Studies show that 20-40% of the emerging threats bypass the leading email security solutions.

Testing your email security may sound like a long and complicated task that involves engagement with pentesting professionals and deployment of attack simulation tools. But it doesn’t have to be this way. BitDam now presents its DIY Guide: How to Assess Your Email Vulnerability for Free in 20 Minutes which allows anyone to test their email security and get an accurate view of what threats their current security tools block and what they miss.

This guide showcases free tools only – each focused on a slightly different goal – and uses a step-by-step approach, guiding you in how to assess your email security posture. You can also watch the video to learn how to implement these free tools.

Why It’s Needed

Some responsible for email security might think that with their “mainstream” email security solution in place, they’re protected. Unfortunately, the facts show that this is a dangerously incorrect assumption. Specifically, when it comes to threats encountered for the first time – “Unknown Threats at First Encounter” – these solutions struggle to keep up.

For example, Proofpoint’s “TAP” advanced email protection misses about 23% of new attacks emerging every day, Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) misses 25% of new attacks including recent phishing campaigns, and G Suite Enterprise misses almost 36% of threats. In fact, 45% of emerging threats bypass at least one of the leading email security products.

So how does your organization’s email security fare when it comes to these threats?

Free Tools To Assess Email Vulnerability

BitDam offers three free tools for evaluating your email security: Lucky Meter, Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS), and BitDam’s Malware Feed.

Lucky Meter

Lucky Meter is a highly accurate way to assess email vulnerability, using continuous, real-world attacks in real-time to give an accurate, up-to-date, and detailed picture of your risk level.

Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)

BitDam BAS offers a quick one-time assessment of your email security posture. It makes use of simulated attacks, that are based on real-world attacks the BitDam team has observed in the wild.

Malware Feed

Mainly used for deeper investigation, the Malware Feed includes live information on real-world malware attacks.

Each of these tools is incredibly easy and quick to get started with and is offered by BitDam completely free.

More About The Guide

The DIY Guide presents each solution in more detail, highlighting each one’s typical use case and main advantages. Each tool has its introductory section explaining what it’s ideal for, its quick steps for getting started for those more proficient with these types of tools, and more in-depth step-by-step instructions including images and screenshots.

By following the Guide, you’ll be able to select any or all of the free services offered, use them to assess any vulnerabilities within your email security posture, and generate detailed, valuable reports that can help you make the right decisions for the security of your organization. And the best part about it – you’ll have to invest only about 20 minutes.

Your Guide to Continued Email Security

Using these free tools provided by BitDam, any organization can simply, quickly and easily check the current state of their email security posture – the first step in upgrading your email security to meet the latest threats.

To get started, watch the video or download the DIY Guide: How to Assess Your Email Vulnerability for Free in 20 Minutes.

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