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Rotem Shemesh
Rotem Shemesh
3 minutes & 4 seconds read · July 29, 2020

BitDam Launches Free Phishing Detection Tool

BitDam has just announced the launch of its advanced online URL scanner that detects phishing and malicious links. With phishing attacks constantly increasing in both sophistication and frequency – and with COVID-19 accelerating these attacks – this innovative tool could not come at a better time.

Is This A Phishing Link?

BitDam’s free phishing detection tool allows you to enter a link, scan the URL for phishing and find out if it’s malicious or not.

The tool demonstrates BitDam’s advanced phishing detection capabilities and provides the cybersecurity community with the ability to scan suspicious links even when they’re still very new – and when reputation and threat-intelligence solutions still cannot identify them.

The phishing detection tool is built for SOC and threat hunting professionals, security analysts, and MSSPs who want to be at the forefront of phishing detection technologies.

Why Phishing Protection Is So Important Now

Phishing is the No.1 cybersecurity threat facing organizations today. A combination of factors have made this problem more urgent than ever:

Phishing is now more sophisticated

Due to the increase in the severity and consequences of phishing attacks, employees are more aware of the dangers that phishing emails pose. Attackers, therefore, have become more sophisticated, employing machine learning and automation to rapidly create and distribute convincing phishing messages.

Attackers have developed new techniques

With attackers constantly developing new techniques – including using automation to bypass existing security tools – traditional security solutions, including reputation-based products, just can’t keep up.

Attacks are targeted – and missed by traditional solutions

More attackers are ditching the “spray-and-pray” type of phishing attack for more targeted phishing campaigns. These are aimed at individuals within an organization and can be hyper-personalized, ensuring they’re not identified by reputation-based detection solutions including many O365 phishing security and Gmail phishing security solutions.

Phishing attacks are on the increase

Phishing attacks have increased because they’re relatively cheap and simple to set up. With little effort or fear of consequence on the attacker’s side, they can easily access sensitive data like company login credentials. With COVID-19 increasing the number of people working remotely, as well as stress levels, attackers have been taking advantage of this situation.

Liron Barak, CEO of BitDam observes, “We are seeing a real increase in phishing campaigns in the past year. In fact, phishing has become the top cybersecurity threat, more than ransomware or any other malware. That’s because phishing attacks are much simpler to execute, and recently are more difficult to identify.”

The launch of BitDam’s phishing detection scanner could not come at a better time. Barak notes, “In addition to including our unique phishing detection capabilities in BitDam’s Advanced Threat Protection solution, we are now launching this online scanner for use by cybersecurity professionals.”

A Unique Phishing Detection Tool

Most other phishing protection solutions are based on reputation and threat intelligence. This approach is inadequate in the face of automated attacks and previously unseen first-time threats.

  • BitDam is independent of previous knowledge and data. It uses multiple sophisticated computer vision and AI algorithms to assess: is this a phishing link?
  • It can, therefore, detect phishing threats at first encounter, unlike reputation and threat intelligence-based products that have to wait to collect enough data before classifying something as phishing

Get Advanced Phishing Protection

To get started with BitDam’s online phishing detection tool, just visit the website and scan a URL for phishing.

BitDam offers phishing detection and prevention as part of its comprehensive Advanced Threat Protection solution for business collaboration platforms which includes protection for email, cloud drives, and Instant Messaging – covering threats of any type hidden in files and links.

To see for yourself how simple and impactful BitDam is, schedule a demo.

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