O365 ATP and Proofpoint TAP miss 23-25% of the active ransomware and phishing attacks every day

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Secure all channels in one place

All it takes is a malicious attachment or URL and an unsuspecting user to put enterprise assets at risk.
BitDam makes your enterprise communications safe to click across all channels, in one place.

Cloud Drives

Secure cloud collaboration platforms to ensure end-users access clean files only.

Instant Messaging

Make your enterprise IM, Video Conferencing, and chat platforms a safe zone.


“BitDam is catching threats that may have fallen through the cracks otherwise.”

Michael Lee Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer
Las Vegas

Stop any threat at first encounter.

  • bullet Unmatched Detection Rates - Detects the 25% of cyber threats that all other solutions miss
  • bullet Protection from Time Zero - Identifies threats at first encounter thanks to 100% attack-agnostic technology
  • bullet Always Safe to Click - Blocks malware pre-delivery, across all collaboration platforms 
  • bullet Fast and Simple Deployment - 2-click integration with O365, G-Suite, Zoom and others
  • bullet Seamless to End Users - In-line prevention with near zero latency and no impact on users’ productivity

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BitDam Advanced Threat Protection
stops malware via email, cloud drives and IM

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