The Blind Spots of Email Security

The data that no one else will show you

Email security is not as secure as you’d think.

BitDam empirical study shows – Ransomware, Phishing and other malware bypass all email security solutions every day!

Study Highlights:

  • bullet Miss Rate of unknown threats - 20-40%
  • bullet Time To Detect - 24-48 hours

You probably didn’t think that your business is SO exposed…

* Covering Office 365 ATP, G Suite Enterprise and others over a period of eight weeks.

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Check how exposed your mailbox is to unknown threats

  • bullet Continuous insight into your email security posture through the above dashboard
  • bullet Uses real cyber threats that are still active and relevant
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Install BitDam’s feed app “Lucky Meter” to get in-the-wild samples to your account and see how exposed you are.

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