BAS 2.0: Your mailbox is vulnerable to live threats

Discover your email security gaps with real attacks from the wild.
BitDam Lucky Meter reveals your vulnerability to the cyber threats that no one yet recognizes. It uses the freshest in-the-wild cyberattacks (instead of simulated threats) to continuously test your email defenses, enabling you to assess how well your organization is protected against malware and phishing in real-time.
What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?

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Find out how exposed you REALLY are with BitDam Lucky Meter

Discover which threats bypass
your security every day
Realize for how long you are
exposed to each threat

BAS 2.0 - BitDam Lucky Meter

    Check how vulnerable your mailbox is to live threats including phishing and ransomware.
    Get in-the-wild samples to your account and see how exposed you REALLY are.

  • Continuous insight into your email security posture through a friendly dashboard
  • Uses real cyber threats that are still active and relevant
  • Fast and easy registration - nothing to install

Why BitDam Lucky Meter?


Based on real
in-the-wild attacks


Simple insights via


No impact on your


2-click setup.
Zero IT overhead


Trying doesn't hurt

Test your email security with
BitDam Lucky Meter
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How it works
BitDam Lucky Meter is continuously retrieving fresh samples of malicious files and links from various feeds and sources, qualifying them as unknown threats, and then sending them to the mailbox you have designated for this purpose.

No matter if the designated mailbox is protected by Office365 ATP, G-Suite Enterprise, Proofpoint TAP or any other security product, you will gain insight into how many cyber threats have penetrated it.

Most users see a miss rate of 20-40% and an average Time To Detect of 10-53 hours by different security vendors. Is your email security better than that?
Install BitDam’s feed app “Lucky Meter” to get in-the-wild samples to your account and see how exposed you are.
*It’s recommended to sign up with a designated mailbox since the threats sent by “Lucky Meter” are real threats.

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