Real estate agencies use email to communicate with potential buyers, exchange property information and contracts. Typically most of these emails contain attachments, including original documents and pdf’s.

As real estate agencies receive large volumes of emails with attachments from outside the organization, they are highly vulnerable to content-borne attacks. BitDam proactive content security delivers the highest detection rate of advanced content-borne attacks delivering unparalleled protection against any exploit, any payback and any known unknown vulnerability.

Tested by a leading real estate agency,  BitDam detected hundreds of attacks, at a ratio of 1 malicious file for every 1500 scanned during the first 2 weeks of deployment. The attack types ranged from logical exploits (CVE-2017-11882), to macro attacks and flash exploits(CVE-2018-4878). In the course of the POC, Bitdam detected a targeted attack embedded in the communication stream surrounding a  specific property. After several conversational emails, the attacker attached a malicious file, indicating it contained additional inquiries. BitDam detected a powershell that downloads malware aimed at stealing passwords in the attachment and blocked the attack.

The on boarding process to the BitDam cloud took under 5 minutes, was non-intrusive and delivered immediate and valuable advanced content security.

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