Email Security and Malware Protection

BitDam ATP+ for Email

Close to zero latency – With minimal email latency of just a few seconds, end-users will not notice any change. With BitDam ATP+, they’re safe to click everything that lands in their inbox.

2-click integration – Pre-built APIs enables a 2-click self-service deployment through Azure marketplace or BitDam ATP+ portal, which applies for all mailboxes in the organization.

Fast and easy deployment – No MX record change is needed, no hassle to your IT team.

Intuitive dashboard – Simple management, SOC investigation and ongoing security assessment through an easy-to-use customized dashboard.

Email body and clean files are never saved – BitDam scans the entire email including links and attachments, but doesn’t save it unless malicious.

Quarantine malicious emails – Malicious emails are automatically quarantined, allowing the SOC team to investigate, delete or release them as needed.

Visibility to other security checks – As a SOC team user you can see what basic security checks each email went through. This includes anti-spam, spf, and dmarc checks.

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