Migration to O365: Did you think about everything?

Here are the key reasons why organizations of all sizes should consider migrating to O365:

O365 Migration: Don’t worry about servers and maintenance

Whether you have a small organization or a large enterprise, you don’t need to worry about monitoring your email servers for disk space, network issues and other problems. You can rest assured that Microsoft’s O365 has several fail-safe mechanisms that will do the job, without you even knowing.

O365 Migration: Getting updates seamlessly

Updating your systems is probably the most important practice an organization should adopt. O365 is being updated on a daily basis with bug fixes, security patches and new features. IT doesn’t need to chase after never ever ending patches.

O365 Migration: Deploying and managing email apps is easy

Want to test a new productivity application for the user’s inboxes? Need to add an email management tool? Just go to the O365 AppSource, and with a few clicks you can give any application a try.

O365 includes built-in spam filtering (SPF checking, blacklisted IPs)

O365 provides the basic spam filtering which everyone needs. i.e. SPF checking that verifies that the email came from a legitimate email server. In addition, since O365 serves millions of users worldwide, it can easily classify IPs which are used to spread spam and blacklist them to prevent them from reaching your organization.

No need for a VPN with O365 – access your email from anywhere

Using O365, users don’t need to connect to VPN in order to access their mailbox. Making this access easier helps users to simply reach their mailboxes from anywhere, thus improving productivity.

Migrating to O365 – here we come!

So you understood the benefits and got to a conclusion that it’s time for your organization to migrate to the cloud. You’ve also selected the right solution for you – Microsoft Office 365. You even contacted a vendor like RackSpace, AvePoint or CodeTwo to help you with that.

So what’s missing?

One thing that is clearly missing in that picture is advanced security solutions. While traditional on-premise email solutions are surrounded by an entire ecosystem of security solutions of all types and levels, when it comes to O365, securing mailboxes is still a challenge. Although there are various of security solutions in place, integrating them with O365 is not as simple as you would expect. Bottom line, organization that migrate to O365 struggle to secure their mailboxes as they wish to do.

If you face this challenge too, I recommend you to check out the BitDam solution which protects organizations of all sizes against email-born attacks (which, by the way, represent more than 90% of cyber-attacks). BitDam’s cloud-based Advanced Threat Protection solution proactively detects attacks, pre-delivery, preventing hardware and logical exploits, ransomware, spear-phishing and Zero-Day attacks contained in files and/or URLs. It’s fully integrated with O365, available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and can be deployed in a matter of minutes.

What is BitDam?

The BitDam solution is based on a unique attack-agnostic technology which shows remarkably higher protection. In a nutshell, it learns the normal code-level executions of business applications and determines whether a given file or weblink is malicious.

But what’s most important about it is that BitDam shows significantly higher detection rates than all other solutions. In practice, it already blocked dozens of attacks that some leading security solutions fail to uncover.

I encourage you to try it yourself. Upload your most sophisticated malware file to our BitDam Total free file scanning service and get an immediate result.

So don’t jeopardize your organization’s security just because you moved to the cloud. Make sure that your users are protected from the sophisticated attacks going around every day.

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