Working remotely with Zoom? BitDam can protect your business.

Cyberattackers take advantage of employees working from home. You should take action to protect your organization! Proactively protect your employees from advanced threats when working from home.
BitDam is here to help, securing your Zoom for free for 3 months.

BitDam ATP for Zoom

Protection from malware
of any type

Quarantine malicious
files and links

Visibility to Zoom traffic through BitDam dashboard

Seamless to

Zoom meetings allow us to work from anywhere and communicate as if we were sharing an office. Zoom is also an entry point for advanced content-borne cyber attacks including phishing, ransomware and other malware types leading to data breaches.

All it takes is a malicious attachment or link and an unsuspecting user to put enterprise assets at risk. BitDam makes your Zoom meetings safe, scanning all content before it reaches the end-user.

No delays, No updates, No IT overhead

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